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stationary logo design application

Web Design

Your website is your brand’s virtual presence. We take time to understand your business and aim to design a website that truly represents your brand in the virtual world.  



Branding is the representation of your business and it tells your story. At 3digit we create catered and timeless brand identities. We want your branding to fully represent your business values and goals.


3D Design

3D Visualisation has immense brand visual appeal. Be it a product brochure, architectural project or a prototype demonstration, the benefit of having photorealistic renders will boost the qualities of your products.


Web Design

We build our websites using wordpress CMS (Content Management System). This gives you full control and easy management of your content. See below what we have to offer:


Starter Package

Premium Package



Platinum Package

How It Works

A simple process will allow your website to be ready in no time. Once you’ve decided on the right package for you, get in touch so we can start the process.

Once you’ve submitted your enquiry, completed the questionnaire and paid the deposit, you will receive a selection of templates, carefully chosen to match your requirements.

When you are happy with the template of your choice, the next step is to provide us with copy, images and branding guidelines (if you have any.)

Half-way through the design process you will be given access to your website and asked to give feedback.

At this stage, your website is ready. We will go through it in detail, and you will have a one to one tutorial on how to edit text and images . If you have an e-commerce, you will also receive a tutorial on how to upload your products.

After you reviewed the website and are 100% happy with it, we will invoice you for the final payment.

Your website is now live ready to showcase your brand.

Extras and add-ons

Google and other search engines rank your website based on your relevant content and authoritative links. We offer you an in-depth website audit with marketing strategy recommendation to help you climb up the search rankings.

The secret of a good marketing strategy is to ensure all the means of communication are integrated delivering the same message. At 3digit we can help you trace out a thorough strategically planned marketing campaign to maximise your ROI. Cost of this service vary depending on the scope. Get in touch to receive a quote.

We have vast experience with the hospitality sector from working with brands as wagamama, Las Iguanas, Jamie Oliver, and others. We can offer an in-depth analysis of your business to improve your financial and operational efficiency. To know more get in touch via the contact page.

Web Design Packages

From simple landing page to complex e-commerce websites, our packages offer a solution for your business needs. Select your choice and start the process towards your brand new website.


from £500

Entry level website that showcases your business with relevant design and features.


from £750

E-commerce website with more advanced features and options. Same features as the starter package, plus:


from £1250

Fully custom build design. Including all features from starter and premium packages, plus:


stationary logo design application

What's Branding?

Branding is the identity of your business. We are here to help you create that! 

Good branding delivers clear messages to your target audience. It creates a relationship with your customers and incentivises them to purchase your product or maintain their loyalty. 

Branding applications are endless, from business cards, loyalty cards, letterheads, consumables and invoices to advertising campaigns, websites, printed ads and billboards.

However used, your branding must be recognisable, reliable and consistent.


A well designed logo will help your business stand out from a crowded market.


The colour pallete is the visual representation of your brand identity values and personality.


The parameter of all branding communication to ensure consistency towards your brand identity.


A relevant typography is as important as a logo. It is more present than any other aspect of your branding and carries the connection with all the elements of your brand.

brand style guideline

Thorough guide for your brand identity to be used effectively across your marketing collateral.

collateral | MARKETING

Real life application – Business cards, flyers, menus, welcome cards, post cards, letterheads and more.

Logo Design


Why is it important?

Your brand logo goes everywhere you market your brand, embedding in the subconscious mind of any potential client.

Therefore, you need a logo that truly represents your brand! At 3digit we work with you throughout to get the most suitable logo for you.

What you get...

branding visualisation application on stationaries

Branding Packages

Flexible packages that suit your business needs. Choose one of the below and get the brand your business needs.


from £400

Branding or rebranding


from £600

All services from the starter plus:


from £950

All other packs plus:

We will do the designs for you, but we are not a printing company. We are however happy to discuss your printing needs and advise you. If you need us to help with printing, we can do this through one of our partners and add the cost to your package. 

We absolutely can! If your brand needs to adapt, refresh or evolve we are here to help. We can also help with sub brands for your main brand. Check out our portfolio for some examples.

You’ll have a direct link with the designer. They will talk through your ideas, take time to understand your needs and ensure you get a suitable product as well as value for money.

It depends on the scope of the project and any reiterations of the design. We generally aim to deliver your design in 2-4 weeks. While aiming to be efficient and deliver work quickly, we make sure we don’t sacrifice the quality of the work. 


3D / CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) visualisation creating photorealistic imagery for online and print marketing. Eliminating barriers to promoting your products. Want to have your furniture displayed anywhere without the cost of renting the space? At 3digit we can do it for you with CGI!


ARCHVIZ - Architectural 3D Visualization





Features & Benefits

A photorealistic representation with your product in any space will take on average 2 days compared to a photoshoot which may take weeks (considering space and photographer availability).

No photographer fees and no space rental fees. Also, no need to extend the space booking to capture your product in the right light. We can set all this up through our 3D design under one agreed cost.

All you need to do is to send us drawings, photos or sketches of your product and describe what you want to see on a render.

You can try any design or fabric options for your product as well as different backgrounds without paying extra. 

3D technology allows changing and adjusting any design elements at all stages of the process so you’re free to experiment.



Any idea, project or prototype can be brought to life with 3D technology. Be it a shoe prototype or a 3D render of a 2D character, your imagination is the limit!


We work with the industry standard for 3D design, communicating with you along the way to ensure you are 100% satisfied.


The final result can be rendered to a still image, an animation, a 3D printer ready file and more.

Do you have any questions? Read our FAQ section or get in touch

Product CGI stands for still or animated visual content created using specialized software to promote a particular product. It is increasingly popular with Marketers and Manufacturers. It allows getting photorealistic imagery considerably faster than photography, easier and with infinite possibilities.

Each service price varies depending on the complexity of the project and the time our 3D artists have to spend on a task. So when it comes to 3D models, some can take more time and effort than the others. That’s why we divide furniture modeling into 4 groups.

  • Easy – £40 – £60
  • Medium – £80 – £120
  • Hard – £140 – £200
  • Very hard – £220 – £400

Single scenes

To get a photorealistic scene, 3D artists build a product 3D model and apply texture to it, create a 3D scene, set the lighting in it, adjust the materials on the model, tune the rendering settings and do post-processing. The cost of creating the first view includes texturing. When changing the view, the texture does not need to be recreated, so any following views will be faster and cheaper.

  • Simple – £20 – £40
  • Medium – £80
  • Hard – £140

Exact timings depend on many factors – the number of views, complexity, details, etc. Corrections to your project are free. By corrections we mean changes that are less than 60% of the project workload. If the changes you want to make exceed this limit, then we consider it a new project. To find out how long your project will take, please contact us through the website and send a brief. Our team of specialists will take into account all the requirements and get back to you.


web design

3D Design


About Us


3digit is a hub of digital creators using their passion and drive to design solutions and help businesses achieve their goals.

From a website that showcases your talent or your business to a 3D rendering of any idea featured in any space of your choosing, our team is here to bring your ideas to life!

With years of business and customer service experience, 3digit can help with all your digital needs.

"My business has different sides to it and the designer I worked with managed to fit everything on a perfectly bespoke website. I’m sure this will help me expand and get much more business in the future. The designer talked me through various options and I received an overall very professional and friendly service. I was also very impressed with the attention to detail and the care shown for presenting my work in the best way possible. I am very happy with my new website and I recommend 3digit highly."
"I appreciate the time the designer took at the start of the project to understand our work and our requirements. He did his best to ensure the visuals are a suitable and strong representation of it. He put into application my team’s initial ideas, worked through the changes we requested and he made some very useful suggestions that we are happy we applied. He was extremely professional, patient and his ideas added a lot of value. We are very pleased with the end result and will definitely work with him again.”
Simona Webb photo
Simona Webb
Programme Manager
"I commissioned CGI rendering of my furniture collection for a product brochure. This saved me a lot of money (as I didn’t have to pay for the space, transporting my furniture or the photographer) and a lot of time. It also allowed me to present my designs and creations in various ways that showed them off at their best. I was very impressed and pleased with the end results, especially the photorealism of the shots. Also most of my clients didn't even realise it was CGI. I will surely commission this type of work again in the future. "

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